October 2015

What Questions Should You Ask Your Next Nonprofit Leader?

The most valuable assets of any organization with a purpose – whether it’s for-profit or not-for-profit – are its people, and that’s why hiring is so important

June 2014

Two Wings and a Prayer: Should Canada Make It Easier for Canadian Doctors Trained Abroad to Enter Practice Here?

When physician supply outpaced population growth in the 1970s, as it is doing today, governments curtailed the entry of international graduates. This misguided approach could happen again.

April 2013

Doctors Ask: Is a Charting Error a Federal Crime?

December 2011

What Ontarians (and their Auditor General) Should be Asking About Physician Pay

The central question is what we pay family doctors (and increasingly, primary healthcare teams) to do. The short answer is that we pay them to provide services, but the short ...

November 2011

Learning about How to Change Care Delivery through Experience in Practice

October 2011

Will operate for food: The implications of physician unemployment.

The problems young physicians are having finding full-time work will have major implications on Canadian healthcare. However, it is not clear whether that impact will be profoundly negative, which it ...

October 2011

Medical schools are starting to train doctors to be less intimidating to patients. And patients are starting to train themselves to be less intimidated by doctors.

September 2011


March 2011

Book Review: They will keep the torch high

October 2008

Afterword: High Performing Healthcare Systems: Delivering Quality by Design