April 2017

Let’s unwind the red tape around Canadian cancer data

Access to medical data is an issue for the health system broadly but since Canada has a long history of collecting information through its cancer registries, this is a place ...

February 2017

How Appropriate Is All This Data Sharing? Building Consensus Around What We Need to Know About Shared Electronic Health Records in Extended Circles of Care     

The bulk of healthcare spending is on individuals who have complex needs. Their care involves many different professions which makes interoperable electronic health records increasingly essential. The objective of this paper ...

February 2017

In the Palm of Your Hand – Normalizing the Use of Mobile Technology for Nurse Practitioner Education and Clinical Practice     

A longitudinal study of the ways nurse practitioner students use mobile devices in clinical education was completed. This study used researcher-designed survey tools, including sociodemographic questions, and the numerical picture ...

February 2017

Open Innovation Prizes and Challenges: Learnings from the ImagineNation Series

The authors provide an overview of the ImagineNation Challenges experience, as well as key lessons learned about what does and does not work to foster participation and progress towards identified ...

December 2016

A Perfect Storm: Get Ready for a Paradigm Shift in Health Services and Policy Research

There are major forces, worldwide, that are shifting the way in which health systems will operate, how health services will be delivered, and the role that health services and policy ...

December 2016

In Conversation with Michael Green, President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway

In 2014, Michael Green was appointed President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway. With an international track record of transforming healthcare through the use of innovative digital health strategies, Michael's mandate ...

December 2016

Digital Drivers in a Learning Health System: Considerations for Research Innovation

Research innovation has the potential to speed progress towards seamless services, empowered patients, and safer care by guiding and bolstering new directions in digital health. Coordinated approaches to gain consensus ...

October 2016

eHealth Advances in Support of People with Complex Care Needs: Case Examples from Canada, Scotland and the US         

This article presents three case examples from Ontario (Canada), Scotland and Kaiser Permanente Colorado (United States) to identify how various jurisdictions are using health-related IT technology to address multimorbidity.

October 2016

Enhancing Patient Care via a Pharmacist-Managed Rural Anticoagulation Clinic

Integrating specialized pharmacist services and follow-up with the laboratory, home care nursing, retail pharmacy and physicians can ensure optimal outcomes for patients receiving anticoagulation, or "blood thinner," therapy. Improved patient ...

October 2016

Profile: Ed Brown and the Development of the Ontario Telemedicine Network

OTN's current success in helping to serve the healthcare needs of 12 million people spread across more than one million square kilometres (a territory larger than Spain and France combined) ...


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