April 2017

Don’t be afraid to ask

As someone with years of experience working in the healthcare system, yet who has limited experience as a patient, I am only now beginning to understand what it’s like ...

March 2017

Budget 2017 : Response From an Aging Population

Healthcare is the most relevant and pressing issue for seniors. Seniors were mentioned 20 times in this budget; much less than other societal groups like women, children, First Nations and ...

March 2017

What I Learned from my Personal Board of Directors

This essay outlines three simple concepts for emerging leaders to maximize their everyday interactions in order to propel their professional and personal development forward.

March 2017

Leadership “inaction” or Leadership “in Action”—The Change Dilemma

The old adage that everyone wants change but no one wants to change is alive and well in Canadian healthcare. Governments call for transformation, yet are not willing to transform ...

February 2017

Improving Population Health and Reducing Healthcare Expenditures in Canada

The challenges to healthcare in Canada are well known: non-sustainable increases in expenditures which are eroding our capacity to address other pressing societal needs and a growing burden of chronic ...

January 2017

The Leadership Imperative: Champion Change to Drive System-Wide Improvement

Being trusted is a precious attribute. How trusted are we by those we serve that we have a plan and will execute the changes needed to improve and modernize our ...

January 2017

What’s Old is New Again

The future of healthcare will increasingly be driven by advancements in technology; allowing patients to visit healthcare providers from their own home. Patients able to manage their own health information ...

January 2017

Dear Class of 2020

The future of healthcare is defined not by a linear trajectory of “progress,” but by a series of competing tensions that our decision-makers will need to navigate. These tensions can ...

January 2017

Challenging the Orthodoxies of Health System Design and Management

As healthcare leaders, we see firsthand the multiple challenges health systems face in this country. From reorienting services around patients and finding ways to address waitlists, to optimizing use of ...

January 2017

“Nothing About Us Without Us”: Taking Action on Indigenous Health

The inequities in the health of First Nations, Inuit and Métis are well-known and long-standing. They are built on Canada’s colonial past, and fed by the on-going resistance to reconcile ...