March 2016

Why Build Health Leadership Capacity Across Canada?

There is a growing consensus that Canada’s 14 separate health systems need to move away from “innovation by accident to innovation by design” and that leadership is the number one ...

February 2016

From cost benefit to risk benefit?

Perhaps instead of talking about cost-benefit, we should start talking about risk-benefit – balancing the risks and benefits of various treatments.

February 2016

Comments re: Patients First: A Proposal to Strengthen Patient-Centered Health Care in Ontario – A Discussion Paper

Several governments, including Ontario’s, have tried quite a bit of reorganizing over the years but little or no revamping, the disruptive innovation needed to forge a real delivery system.

January 2016

More Money for Healthcare is not the Answer

the extra money Ottawa provided probably did more to hinder health reform across the country than promote it. Rather than “buying change,” the extra money bought political peace and serenity ...

January 2016

Canada needs to better manage healthcare system’s workforce

A new health accord must include the establishment of a dedicated health workforce agency, reality in pretty much every other country except Canada, and we need one badly.

November 2015

Palliative Care Versus Assisted Death

Palliation, according to my dictionary, is the temporary relief of pain and suffering. Assisted suicide, of course, makes the relief permanent.

November 2015

Proposed user fees for health services threaten the Canadian healthcare system

November 2015

Healthcare Under Attack in Quebec

November 2015

War and Remembrance

October 2015

What Questions Should You Ask Your Next Nonprofit Leader?

The most valuable assets of any organization with a purpose – whether it’s for-profit or not-for-profit – are its people, and that’s why hiring is so important