January 2017

Is the Deck Stacked against Fundamental Health Human Resources Redesign in Canada?     

It will take a collective commitment on the part of professions, governments, educators, accreditors, employers and a host of others to create an agile, responsive and integrated health human resources ...

January 2017

Using Evidence to Meet Population Healthcare Needs: Successes and Challenges     

Several innovations in care delivery redesign have been developed to foster more sustainable healthcare system. The authors present two case studies illustrating some of the main challenges, as well as ...

January 2017

Policy and Evidence in Canadian Health Human Resources Planning     

Absent evidence-based tools for pan-Canadian health human resources policy development, smaller jurisdictions are experimenting with quality improvement initiatives that can determine useful methods of aligning patient and community needs.

January 2017

The Importance of Evaluating New Models of Care to Better Meet Patient Needs     

A population-needs based focus on health workforce planning is critically important, as is acknowledging that population health needs are best addressed through an interdisciplinary approach to care. Rigorous evaluation ...

January 2017

Successes and Challenges: Clarity of Definition Required     

The author focuses on the choice of language and concerns of secondary uncertainty between “needs” and process management: this is framed by a brief review of terminology and the principles ...

January 2017

Using Evidence to Meet Population Healthcare Needs: A UK Perspective     

In this commentary, the authors discuss what is meant by healthcare “needs” and the traditionally poor use of data in healthcare planning. They support the call for proper evaluation of ...

January 2017

More for Less – If Only We Could Get Them to Do It!     

Systems for the provision of healthcare need to be improved, since costs are rising and the population is aging. While the demographic-healthcare time bomb should have been obvious years ago, ...

January 2017

The Authors Respond - Responding to the Challenges     

The authors touch upon insightful comments of their colleagues, address the clarifications they’ve called for and discuss the ways in which the commentators have expanded on the issues brought forward ...

November 2016

Pharaoh and the Prospects for Productivity in HHR

Health services have value only insofar as they improve health outcomes. Increased output of ineffective services is not productivity in any meaningful sense.

November 2011

Policy to Practice: Collaboration in the Evolution of a Nursing Health Human Resources Policy