August 2016

Migration and Mobility: Informing Nursing Health Human Resources Retention and Recruitment Policy

June 2015

No Global Health without Human Resources For Health (HRH): The Nursing Lens

There are long-standing, global human resources for health (HRH) shortages. What is required is HRH research and planning based upon the health needs of people and the combined competencies, skills ...

December 2014

Risky Business: BLG Sees Cyber Risks Underlining Challenges To Canadian Businesses

December 2014

If you're serving liquor at your business event, here are some things you need to know.

July 2013

Is the Deck Stacked against Fundamental Health Human Resources Redesign in Canada?     

It will take a collective commitment on the part of professions, governments, educators, accreditors, employers and a host of others to create an agile, responsive and integrated health human resources ...

June 2013

Are You Treating Employees Like They Don’t Matter? Six Things You Do (or Don’t Do) That Make Them Feel Unloved

February 2013

Inter-professional Collaboration as a Health Human Resources Strategy: Moving Forward with a Western Provinces Research Agenda     

February 2013

Gone South: Why Canadian Nurses Migrate to the United States

February 2013

Nunavut: Building Nursing Capacity

November 2012

The Future of Healthcare from a Recruiter’s Perspective