March 2018

Medicine, Body Fluid and Food: The Regulation of Human Donor Milk in Canada     

The use of peer-to-peer online networks to access both pasteurized and unpasteurized human donor milk is increasing in Canada. This paper describes regulation of human donor milk and identifies gaps ...

March 2018

Research on Human Embryos and Reproductive Materials: Revisiting Canadian Law and Policy         

Research involving human embryos and reproductive materials, including certain forms of stem cell and genetic research, is a fast-moving area of science with demonstrated clinical relevance. In their paper, the ...

March 2018

The Collaboration Challenge: Global Partnerships to Achieve Global Goals     

Since the explosive growth of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the 1990s, a new era of responsibility, purpose and a re-envisioned capitalism are dramatically apparent. Beyond financial support, business ...

November 2017

The Independence of Ontario’s Public Health Units: Does Governing Structure Matter?         

Do autonomous health units fulfil their mandate better than ones that are integrated into municipal structures? This paper seeks to help fill this gap by grounding a comparison of the ...

November 2017

In Conversation with Michael Villeneuve

Editor-in-Chief, Lynn Nagle, recently talked to the new CEO of the Canadian Nurses Association, Michael Villeneuve about his leadership plans and goals.

November 2017

Enabling Evolving Practice for Healthcare Professionals: A Regulator’s Journey     

As healthcare systems evolve, so do theoretical models for, and practical applications of, health human resource oversight policy and processes. Determining what healthcare trends are affecting different healthcare professions and ...

July 2017

Does Health Insurance Ensure Equitable Health Outcomes? An Analysis of Hospital Services Usage in Urban India     

The authors analyze survey data on socio-economic status and health insurance status in terms of utilization of in-patient care in urban India.

July 2017

Cross Border Healthcare Requests to Publicly Funded Healthcare Insurance: Empirical Analysis         

This paper uses a novel quantitative methodology analyzing all 387 Health Services Appeal and Review Board-written and publicly available electronic decisions released over a five-year time period with respect to ...

July 2017

Reforming Refugee Healthcare in Canada: Exploring the Use of Policy Tools     

Refugee healthcare in Canada has been a controversial and heavily debated topic over the last several years. In this paper, the authors present a policy analysis of the 2012 Canadian ...

May 2017

Stepping Up to the Plate: An Agenda for Research and Policy Action on Electronic Medical Records in Canadian Primary Healthcare     

This paper offers a multi-faceted research agenda and suggestions for policy actions as a way forward in bridging the gaps in primary healthcare electronic medical record research and knowledge.


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