Ghost Busting Essay Series #2
Ghost Busting Essay Series #3

From the pen of the publisher

This is the launch of penned theatre by Hugh MacLeod who also plays the role of editor and discussant. The idea just appeared to him one late and awesome night. A few trial essays ("The Ghost of Healthcare Despair" and "Forging Complete Questions to Defeat 'The Ghost of Healthcare Despair'") were so well received that we welcome the opportunity to keep the theme alive and . . .well, just a little mysterious and paranormal. Add your comments if you don’t mind a visit from the past. No flash photos in the theatre, Please.

“I look forward to my jolt of reality every week”, “ A great blend of harsh truth and hope.” Reader response to this essay series has been overwhelming. Click here to read kudos, comments and congratulations.


  1. Courage A Rare Competency with Senator M. Kirby…Focus - Call for courageous leadership with a concrete national example of playing safe and tinkering - "mental health"
  2. Conditions Leaders Influence with M. Davies...Focus - Moving away from command and control cultures
  3. Fragmentation vs Collaboration with J. Davidson…Focus - Numerous organizations advancing their own agendas 
  4. Shaping Canadian Healthcare Alignment  with Dr.  J Kitts…Focus - Silos, unconnected delivery systems, confusion and misplaced competition
  5. Accountability For Performance with T. Closson…Focus - Alignment of targets, capability, reporting and transparency
  6. Four  Mindset Shifts with R. Alvarez…Focus - relationships, identity, information and people gifts 
  7. Passive Following vs. Future Focused Leading with Dr. Graham Dickson…Focus – Understanding the changing  healthcare dance
  8. Danger of Simplification with Dr. D. Cochrane…Focus - Understanding the complexity of healthcare
  9. The Patient Voice a Value Game Changer with C. Kushner…Focus - Patients as partners on the journey 
  10. Black Boxes In Operating Theatres with Dr. D. deKorne...Focus - New level of maturity and obligation to those we are here to serve
  11. Call-Lights Are On - Are Caregivers Distracted? with P. Davies-Scimeca…Focus – Presenteeism coupled with the distraction risk associated with new technology
  12. Empathy: A Foundation for New Conversations with W. Nicklin…Focus - Empathy leads to quality relationships 
  13. Asking, Listening, Talking  with C. Power…Focus - Engagement a crucial foundation
  14. Self Organizing Change with S. Sharkey…Focus - All the answers are in the organization and system 
  15. Can an Organization Grow If Its People Are Not Connected with V. Kaminski…Focus - Everywhere we have versions of Matrix Organizations, what to watch for.
  16. Trapped  in the Future with M. Vogel…Focus - Canada as a world leader.
  17. The Winds of Change and Gathering Storms with S. Jarvis…Focus - the changing Canadian healthcare landscape.
  18.  Do We Honour The Contributions Made By Our Most Important Asset? with J. Shamian…Focus - The health of healthcare employees 
  19. Organizational Connectivity with Dr. G Lowe…Focus - Connecting top middle and front line
  20. Strategy and Its Interplays with J. Abbott…Focus - Plan does not deliver, it's about execution momentum and correction 
  21. On the Balcony with New Discoveries by Hugh MacLeod ... A General Reflection on the past twenty weeks
  22. Lessons From the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Elizabeth Meuser ... A Specific Reflection - We do not understand system, complexity and with it paradox and polarity

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