On a table in front of us is a grand sight, a collection of "open letters" from acknowledged healthcare leaders. The letters ask us to bring alive a quote by Mark Twain... “You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” The authors ask us to:

  • imagine co-designing healthcare services and incentives with citizens so that they get what they need, and we act on it;
  • imagine a healthcare system that offers timely, quality safe care – and we prove it;
  • imagine a healthcare system that gets the most value for the tax dollars – and we demonstrate it;
  • imagine a healthcare system that can track improvements made and those improvements still needed – and we report it;
  • Imagine a redesigned healthcare system operating on the needs of patients – and we do it;
  • Imagine a healthcare system that aspires to work in a coordinated way to guide the patient efficiently and effectively – and we attain it; and
  • Imagine a healthcare system that seeks advice on how to get results – and we act on it.”
  • Imagine nothing about me without me is no longer a philosophy we aspire to, it is a reality of day-to-day practice, organizational design and policy-making. Patients/residents as partners is the new normal.

We hope the "open letters" generate open and new conversations between the board and senior management, between senior management and middle management, between care providers, middle mangers and senior management. We hope the "open letters" remind us that patients have a seat at every table that is making decisions about them. 

May your balcony of personal reflection be filled with new voices and new conversations to test healthcare assumptions held. 

Hugh Macleod, Anton Hart and Matthew Hart

Open Letters