Books | December 2016

Patient Engagement – Catalyzing Improvement and Innovation in Healthcare

Patient Engagement: Catalyzing Improvement and Innovation in Healthcare

Edited by G. Ross Baker, Maria Judd and Christine Maika

Books | June 2012

Influence: A Collection of Writings by Steven Lewis

This collection is an assembly of reprints from various sources. The print version which is sold out and no longer in print was copyedited and proofread for quality and consistency. The individual chapters on the web version link to the original articles written by Mr. Lewis and may not match the book’s print version exactly. 

Books | April 2011

Dot: From the Editor-in-Chief

Order the paperback version by Dorothy Pringle.

Books | December 2010

Lessons Learned in changing healthcare... and how we learned them

Order the paperback version by Paul Batalden et al.

Books | October 2008

High Performing Healthcare Systems: Delivering Quality By Design

Order the online pdf. version by G. Ross Baker, Anu MacIntosh-Murray, Christina Porcellato, Lynn Dionne, Kim Stelmacovich and Karen Born.