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Centralized Waiting Lists for Unattached Patients in Primary Care: Learning from an Intervention Implemented in Seven Canadian Provinces         

Mylaine Breton, Sabrina T. Wong, Mélanie Ann Smithman, Sara Kreindler, Jalila Jbilou, Emily Gard Marshall, Jason Sutherland, Astrid Brousselle, Jay Shaw, Valorie A. Crooks, Damien Contandriopoulos, Martin Sasseville and Michael Green


Ontario and New Zealand Pharmaceuticals: Cost and Coverage     

Leah T. Kelley, Tim Tenbensel and Ana Johnson


What’s Canadian about Medicare? A Comparative Perspective on Health Policy     

Carolyn Hughes Tuohy


Cybersecurity in Health: A 21st Century Imperative

Jennifer Zelmer


The Changing Landscape of Continuing Care in Alberta: Staff and Resident Characteristics in Supportive Living and Long-Term Care     

Susan E. Slaughter, C. Allyson Jones, Misha Eliasziw, Carla Ickert, Carole A. Estabrooks and Adrian S. Wagg


State of the Evidence for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Care: The Evolution and Current Methodology of the Prehospital Evidence-Based Practice (PEP) Program         

Alix J.E. Carter, Jan L. Jensen, David A. Petrie, Jennifer Greene, Andrew Travers, Judah P. Goldstein, Jolene Cook, Dana Fidgen, Janel Swain, Luke Richardson and Ed Cain


Stakeholder Views on Solutions to Improve Health System Performance     

Astrid Brousselle, Damien Contandriopoulos, Jeannie Haggerty, Mylaine Breton, Michèle Rivard, Marie-Dominique Beaulieu, Geneviève Champagne and Mélanie Perroux


Measuring Progress in Access to Health Services

Jennifer Zelmer


Improving Healthcare Providers’ Interactions with Trans Patients: Recommendations to Promote Cultural Competence     

Ella Vermeir, Lois A. Jackson and Emily Gard Marshall


Using an Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) Approach to Enable Policy Change for Electronic Consultations in Canada     

Clare Liddy, Isabella Moroz, Justin Joschko, Tanya Horsley, Craig Kuziemsky, Katharina Kovacs, Sandi Kossey, Gunita Mitera and Erin Keely




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